2021-2022 Academic Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2021-2022 Academic Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Imaging Science, Nuclear Medicine Concentration, B.S.

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Nuclear Medicine Concentration requirements:

The Nuclear Medicine Technology program is within the Bachelor of Science in Imaging Science degree. The Nuclear Medicine Technology program is in partnership with Chattanooga State Community College. This unique, one of a kind program in West Virginia allows students to gain the experience in Nuclear Medicine both locally and in the Chattanooga Tennessee area.

Bluefield State College is an academic affiliate of the programmatically accredited (JRCNMT) program at Chattanooga State Community College. Students will apply to the Nuclear Medicine Technology program via the Bluefield State College/Chattanooga State Community College application process and must meet the current admissions policy set by Chattanooga State Community College.

Once students successfully complete the program, students are eligible to apply to sit for the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Boards (NMTCB) and the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists’ Nuclear Medicine Exam (ARRT).

A.S. Radiologic Technology (32 credit hours) plus general education courses and all required courses for the B.S. Imaging Science in Nuclear Medicine. All students must meet the general education requirements for Bluefield State College. The following is based on Bluefield State College graduates. Graduates of other programs than Bluefield State College may be required to take additional hours to meet the 120 credit hour baccalaureate requirement and/or to meet the general education requirements.

Total Credit Hours: 12

First Spring Semester

Total Credit Hours: 14-15

Second Fall Semester: (at BSC or ChSCC)

NUCM 2200 Introduction to Molecular Imaging  Credit Hour(s): 2

NUCM 2201 Physics & Instrumentation I  Credit Hour(s): 2

NUCM 2104 Writing Research in Nuclear Medicine  Credit Hour(s): 1

NUCM 2205 Clinical Procedures I  Credit Hour(s): 2

NUCM 2114 Presenting Research in Nuclear  Credit Hour(s): 2

NUCM 2607 Practicum in Nuclear Medicine  Credit Hour(s): 1


Total Credit Hours: 13

Second Spring Semester: (at BSC or ChSCC)

  • NUCM 2208 Radiopharmacology  Credit Hour(s): 2
  • NUCM 2215 Clinical Procedures 2  Credit Hour(s): 2
  • NUCM 2617 Practicum in Nuclear Medicine Credit Hour(s): 6
  • NUCM 2312  Advnced Instrumentation & Rad Biology Credit Hour(s): 3

Total Credit Hours: 12

Summer Semester: (at BSC)

  • NUCM  2325 Clinical Procedures 3 Credit Hour(s): 3
  • NUCM 2627 Practicum in Nuclear Medicine 3 Credit Hour(s): 6
  • NUCM 2335 Computed Tomo for NM Technologists Credit Hour(s): 3

Total Credit Hours: 8

Total Credit Hours: 120-121

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