2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
    May 20, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Faculty & Staff

Higher Education Policy Commission Members

1018 Kanawha Boulevard, East
Charleston, West Virginia 25301

Andrew A. (Drew) Payne, III,  Chair
Michael J. Farrell, Esq. Vice Chair
Diane Lewis Jackson Secretary
James Dailey Ex-Officio
Jim Denova  
E. Gail Pitchford  
Michele l. Blatt Ex-Officio 
Christina Cameron Ex-Officio

Bluefield State University Board of Governors

Mr. Charlie Cole, Chair Bluefield, West Virginia
Mr. J. Shannon Remines, Vice Chair Bluefield, Virginia
Mr. Michael Hastings Bluefield, West Virginia
The Honorable  William Cole, III Bluefield, West Virginia
Mr. Randall D. Price Princeton, West Virginia
Ms Rebecca Peterson Bluefield, West Virginia
Ms. Cathy Deebs Bluefield, Virginia
Mr. Anthony Tolley Bluefield, Virginia
Mr. Tim McKenzie (Staff Representative) Bluefield, West Virginia
Mr. Jack Sheffler (Faculty Representative) Bluefield, West Virginia
Mr. Gabriel Nesmith (Student Representative) Bluefield, West Virginia

President’s Administrative Staff

Darrin Martin

(2023) Interim President; B.S. Bluefield State University- M.S. Radford University- Ed.D. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 

Hon. Brent Benjamin (2020) Executive Vice President and General Counsel; B.S. Ohio State University, J.D. The OSU School of Law
J. Ronald Hypes (2021) Chief Financial Officer; A.S. Bluefield College, B.S. Concord University, CGMA
Sarita A.Rhonemus (1994) Interim Provost of Academic Affairs; Ph.D., Capella University, Ed.S., Marshall University, M.S., Marshall University, B.S., Bluefield State University
Ted Lewis (2018) President Beckley Campus; B.A. Texas Wesleyan University, M.S. University of North Texas, Ed.D. University of Texas at Austin.
John Spencer (2012) Chief Technology Officer: B.S., Concord University.
Jane Charnock (2021) Vice-President of Law and Human Resources; B.S.J., J.D., West Virginia University
Chuck McGonagle 2021) Vice-President of Capital Projects
Deirdre Guyton (1990) Vice-President for Corporate Development;  B.S. Bluefield State College; M.S. Radford University; Ed.S. Marshall University; Ph.D., Old Dominion University.
Keith Olson (2020) Special Assistant to the President; B.S. West Liberty University
Derrick Price
(2020) Director of Athletics; B.S. Bluefield College
Ansel Ponder
(2019) Chief Marketing Officer; B.A. Western Michigan University
James A. Nelson (1991) Vice-President of Institutional and Media Relations; B.S., West Virginia University.
Ronald Shidemantle (2021) Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students; B.S. Slippery Rock University, M.A. Slippery Rock University

Support Personnel

Administrative Application Software Specialist David Calfee Jr., B.S.
Admissions Supervisor Christina Nunley, M.B.A.
Admissions Counselor Jonathan Childress B.S.
Admissions Counselor Barry Dalton, B.A.
Assistant to the Provost Darlene Gilley, M.S.
Associate Director of Instructional Technologies Cody Chambers, M.S.
Associate Registrar Ashlyn DiCapua, B. A.
Bookstore Manager Leslie Brooks
Chief Marketing Officer Ansel Ponder, B.A.
Chief Technology Officer John Spencer, B.S.
Cyber Defense Analyst/ISO      Larry Zande, M.S.
Counselor, Academic Success Center H. Scott Pitt, B.A.
Database Administrator    Vacant
Dean of Students Ronald Shidemantle, M.A.
Director, Academic Success Center Carolyn Kirby, M.S.
Director, Advising and Counseling Cravor Jones, Ph.D.
Director, Alumni Affairs Deirdre Guyton, Ph.D.
Director, Athletics Derrick Price, B.S.
Director of Career Services Rebekah Hatch M. M. A.
Director of International Initiatives, Honors College, and Service-Learning Sudhakar R. Jamkhandi, Ph.D.
Director, Intramurals & Wellness Programs Jake Laney B.S.
Director, Libraries David McMillian, Ph.D.
Director of Purchasing Paul Rutherford, B.S.
Director, Research and Sponsored Programs; Title III Timothy McKenzie, M.S.
Director of Student Activities Anne Pelchar M.S.
Information Systems Manager Chris Shrader, M.S
Information Systems Technician Exempt    Robert Delorso, B.S.
Instructional Designer and Consultant     Tina Strock, B.S.
International Student Services Coordinator/PDSO Jennifer Johnson, M.S.
Registrar Marviene Johnson, M.B.A.
Staff Librarian/Archivist James Leedy, M.L.I.S.
Title IX Coordinator Jane Charnock
Transitional Studies Lab Specialist  
Video Operations Specialist Vacant
Web Developer Larry Zande, M.S.

Academic Administrators

Dean, W. Paul Cole, Jr. College of Business  Karen Grogan, MAEd, M.S.S.L.
Accounting Dept. Chair Jerry Wood, D.B.A.
Business Administration  
Health Services Management  
Sports Management  
Master of Business Administration Director of MBA Jerry Wood, D.B.A.
School of Leadership Studies  Associate Dean, Collin McGee D.S.L.
Bachelor of Arts Leadership and Development, BOLD  
Regents Bachelors of Arts  
Dean, College of Education, Humanities & Social Sciences  Tamara Ferguson Ed.D
Applied Sciences Dept. Chair Dharshana Arachchi, Ph.D.
Humanities Dept. Chair Bonnie Reese, Ph.D.
Social Sciences Dept. Chair Tara Mullins, M.A.
Teacher Education Director, School of Teacher Education,Terene Stiltner Ed.D.
Criminal Justice  Director, School of Criminal Justice, James Quesenberry M.S. 
Dean, College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) William Bennett D.B.A
Engineering Technology Dept. Chair Joey Hazelwood, M.A.
Computer Science Dept. Chair Kristin Hicks M.S.
Dean, College of Health Sciences Angela M. Lambert, MSRT(R), Ed. D.
A.S. Radiologic Technology and B.S. Imaging Science Associate Dean/Director Amy Atwell MSRT(R), (M), (MR)
Associate of Science Nursing/LPN-RN Associate Dean/Director Sandra M. Wynn, M.S.N.
Bachelor of Science Nursing Associate Dean/Director Carol Cofer, MSN, M.Ed.


BRITTANY ANDERSON (2024) Assistant Professor of Education: B.S., M.Ed., Concord University;  Ed.S., Ed.D., Liberty University.


(2013) Professor and Department Chair of Mathematics; B.S. University of Colombo; M.S., Ph.D. Southern Illinois University.

AMY L. ATWELL    (2011) Associate Dean/Director Radiologic Technology/ Imaging Science; Assistant Professor of Radiologic Technology;  A.S. and R.B.A., Bluefield State College. M.S., Walden University. Registered ARRT (R) (M) (MR).


(2017) Visiting Instructor of English; B.A. Bluefield State College; M.A. Marshall University.


(2007) Professor of Civil Engineering Technology; A.S., B.S., Bluefield State College; M.S.E. Marshall University; Professional Engineer, (OH, WV, VA); Professional Surveyor (VA, WV).

TESFAYE BELAY                                                                   

(2005) Professor of Biology; B.S., Addis Ababa University; M.S., Ph.D., Michigan State University.


(1990) Professor of Nursing; A.S., West Virginia Institute of Technology; B.S.N., West Virginia University; M.S.N., Bellarmine College. Registered Nurse. Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Post Masters, West Virginia University.
WILLIAM BENNETT (2018) Dean of STEM and Professor of Computer Science; DBA, Northcentral University.

ALBERT N. BERKOH                         

(2009) Associate Professor of Business; B.A.  University of Ghana; M.P.A., Clark Atlanta University; M.B.A., Nova Southeastern University; Ph.D., Clark Atlantic University.

MARK BOTTS (2021) Term Instructorr of English B.S. Tennessee Temple University, C.S.C. The American Musical and Dramatic Academy M.F.A. Regent University


(2011) Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology; B.S., Bluefield State College; M.S., East Tennessee State University; Ph.D., Clemson University.


(1981) Professor of Nursing and B.S.N. Program Director; A.S.N., B.S.N.  Gwynedd- Mercy College; M.Ed., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M.S.N., University of Virginia. Registered Nurse. 


(2013) Associate Professor of Nursing; A.S., B.S.N., Bluefield State College; M.S.N., West Virginia University. M.F.A. WV Wesleyan. Registered Nurse. Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.


(2003) Dean of Education, Hummanies and Social Sciences. Professor of English; B.A., Bluefield College; M.S., Radford University; Ed.D. University of Virginia.


(2000) Assistant Professor of Nursing-Clinical Track; A.S.N., Bluefield State College; B.S.N., West Virginia University; M.S.N., West Virginia University, Registered Nurse and Family Nurse Practitioner.


(2004) Instructor of Radiology Technology; A.S., B.S. Bluefield State College. Registered Radiographer ARRT (R).


(2016) Dean of W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business. Assistant Professor of Health Services Management; B.S. Bluefield College; A.S. Southwest Virginia Community College. M.Ed., Bluefield University; M.S., Mountain State University.


(2017) Associate Professor and Department Chair of Engineering; A.A.S., New River Community College; B.S., Bluefield College; M.A., Marshall University.

KRISTIN HICKS (2021) Instructor of Computer Science; B.S., Bluefield State College; M.S., Western Governor’s University


(1986) Director of International Initiatives, Honors College, and Service-Learning. Professor of English; B.A., Poona University; B.Ed., Poona University; M.A., Karnatak University; Ph.D., Texas Christian University.

SARAH M. KEFFER (2023) English Instructor; B.A., Bluefield State University; M.A., Grand Canyon University. 
YOUNG B. KIM (2015) Professor of Chemistry; B.A.  University of Mississippi; Ph.D. University of Mississippi.


(1991) Dean of Nursing and Allied Health; and Professor of Imaging Science; A.S., Bluefield State College; B.S., Bluefield State College; M.S., Capella University; Ed.S., Liberty University; Ed. D., Liberty University.

AMY LANE (2020) Clinical Instructor of Nursing-Clinical Track; A.S.N., Wytheville Community College; B.S.N., King University; Registered Nurse, MSN-EDU, Liberty University. 



(2006) Professor Business; B.S., Bluefield State College; M.B.A., St. Mary’s University; J.D., Ohio Northern University.


(2010) Professor of Education. B.A, University of Virginia at Wise; M.S. Radford University; Ed.S. University of Southern Mississippi; Ed.D., East Tennessee State University.


(2018) Associate Professor of Mathematics; B.A. Rutgers University; Ed. M. Rutgers University; M.S. University of New Hampshire.


(2013) Professor of Psychology; B.S.  Bridgewater College; M.S. Ph.D., Binghamton University.

COLLIN MCGEE (2022) Associate Dean of the School of Leadership Studies; B.A. West Liberty University; M.A. West Liberty University; D.S.L. Regent University.


(2013) Professor of History; B.A.  Wesleyan University; M.A. Columbia University; M.Phil. Columbia University; Ph.D. Columbia University.


(2019) Asstistant Professor of Psychology; B.A., M.A. Marshall University.
MARK MUSTARD (2023) Director/Assistant Professor Respiratory Therapy; A.S. Respiratory Therapy, RBA, MBA/Healthcare Management; Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist/Respiratory Therapist (NBRC)
BETTY NASH (1989) Professor of Nursing; B.S.N., University of Tennessee; M.S.N., West Virginia University; Registered Nurse. 


(1990) Associate Professor of Nursing; A.S., Bluefield State College; B.S.N., Bluefield State College; M.S.N., Radford University. Post-master’s certification, Marshall University. Registered Nurse., Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

ASHISH PATEL (2022) Associate Professor of Mathematics, B.S. University of North Dakota (1989), M.S. University of North Dakota (1992).  
JAMES PRUETT (2014) Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology; B.S.  Bluefield State College; M.E.M. Old Dominion University.


(1983) Professor of Electrical Engineering  Technology; B.S.E.E., West Virginia Institute of Technology; P.E. M.S., West Virginia University College of Graduate Studies; Professional Engineer (WV).

AMANDA QUESENBERRY 2013) Associate Professor Imaging Science., B.S., M.S. Mountain State University. Registered Sonographer. RDMS (ABD) (OB/GYN)
JAMES R. QUESENBERRY II (2021) Program Director and Instructor of Criminal Justice. A.S., Criminal Justice, Mountain State University; B.S. Criminal Justice, Mountain State University; M.S. Forensic Psychology, Walden University.


(2016) Associate Professor of Criminal Justice; B.A. Bluefield State College; M.S., Bethel University.

BONNIE L. REESE (2015) Associate Professor of Communications; B.S. California University; M.A. Duquesne University; Ph.D. Duquesne University.
PETER RONHOVDE (2020) Visiting Instructor of Mathematics; B.S., M.S. University of Southern Mississippi; Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis. 
SARA ROBERSON (2020) Assistant Professor of Biology; B.S., Sewanee: The University of the South; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University. 
THOMAS RUSSELL 2023; Assistant Professor of Biochemistry; B.S. University of Illinois; M.S. University of Illinois; M.Ed. Western Governors University; Ed.D. A.T. Sill University; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin at Madison
SALLY SALE  (2017) Assistant Professor of Nursing; A.S.N., B.S.N. Marshall University; M.S.N. West Virginia University.


(2010) Assistant Professor of Nursing; A.S.N., B.S.N., Bluefield State College; M.Ed., M.S.N., Marshall University. Registered Nurse; Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

P. DEVON SCHALL (2022) Associate Professor of Computer Science, B.S., Radford University (2013), MA.Ed Virginia Polytechnic and State University (2015), M.S./Ph.D. University of the Cumberlands (2018). 
JACK SHEFFLER (2022) Assistant Professor of Art; M.F.A. Northwestern University; B.F.A. Carnegie Mellon University 


(1997) Professor of  English; B.S.,  M.A.,  Virginia  Polytechnic  Institute  and  State University; Ph.D., Florida State University.

JASON STAFFORD (2023) Coordinator/Instructor of Radiologic Technology; A.S. Bluefield State College; R.B.A Concord University, Registered ARRT.


(2000) Professor of Civil Engineering Technology, B.S., Bluefield State College, M.S., Ph.D. West Virginia University. Professional Surveyor P.S. (WV), Professional Engineer P.E. (WV, VA).


(2012) Associate Professor of Special Education; B.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; M.Ed., Old Dominion University: ED.S., Liberty University:,Ed.D

KATHERINE ST. CLAIR (2021) Nursing Instructor, Beckley Campus BSN Mountain State University MSN Wheeling University: Education Specialist Track Registered Nurse


(2010) Professor of Education.  B.S., M.A., Ed.D. East Tennessee State University; Ed.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


(2014) Associate Professor of Business; B.A., West Virginia University; M.B.A. West Virginia University; Ed.D., Benedictine University.

DANIEL TRENT (2021) Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering: B.S., M.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Ph.D. Old Dominion University.
ELIZABETH F. WALTERS (2020) Visiting Professor of Biology, College of William and Mary, B.S., M.A.


(2013) Associate Professor of Biology; B.S. Arizona State University; Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania.


(2002) Associate Professor of Nursing-Clinical Track; B.S.N., M.S.N., West Virginia University; Registered Nurse. Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

STEPHANIE WISEMAN (2023) Clinical Instructor of Nursing; A.S.N. Bluefield State College; B.S.N. West Virginia University
JERRY WOOD (2022) Director of MBA; Associate Professor of Business; B.A. Marshall University, M.B.A., King University, D.B.A. Argosy University.


(2002) Professor of Nursing; ADN Program Director; A.S., B.S.N., Bluefield State College; M.S.N., Radford University. Registered Nurse. Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.

JEFF YEAGER 2022 Assistant Professor of English; B.A. Concord University; M.A. Ohio University; Ph.D. West Virginia University

Health Affiliate Faculty

Radiologic Technology Clinical Faculty

 KATHERINE BELCHER Clinical Preceptor Radiologic Technology, Welch Community Hospital; A.S.; B.S. Bluefield State College Registered ARRT (R)(M).
ROBIN M. GIBSON Clinical Preceptor Radiologic Technology, Princeton Community Hospital; A.S., Bluefield State College; B.S., Bluefield College. Registered ARRT (R) (CT).
JENNIFER SHELTON Clinical Preceptor Radiologic Technology, VA Medical Center-Beckley; A.S. Mountain State University. Registered ARRT (R).
  Clinical Preceptor Radiologic Technology, Beckley Applachian Regional Hospital; A.S. Bluefield State College; RBA Concord University. Registered ARRT (R).